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A Virtual Tour

I work with clients of all ages, abilities, and neuro-divergence. For this reason, I take extra care to help my potential clients feel welcome, accepted, and safe in my office. If you or someone you love wants to get familiar with my office and my practices before speaking or talking with me, this page is available to see my office as well as to learn what to expect. If you or your loved one have a special sensory or environmental need, please contact me so we can make any necessary arrangements. 


This is my office building. It is located in Baywood Square business complex, at the corner of E University Dr and N Sunvalley Blvd. When you pull into the parking lot from N Sunvalley Blvd, my office is the first building you'll see on the left-hand side. It is building #14 and contains suites 153-156. You can park anywhere in the parking lot outside, as long as the spot isn't marked "reserved." 

Please enter from the middle of the building, through the double doors.  The suite number 155 is listed on the door. Inside, you will find the waiting area. This is a place where you can relax before your session starts. I ask that clients text me when they arrive. This helps me to get to them as soon as possible.  

The waiting room has a number of upholstered chairs and magazines for you to use while you wait. There may be some soft music playing and overhead fluorescent lights on in the waiting area. 


If you need to take a phone call while you are in the waiting area, please do so outside the office.


Please let me know ahead of time if you have sensory or other issues that may be triggered by the environment during your visit.  Please let me know if you would like the office, waiting area, and/or the entrance staged in a specific way to aid in your comfort. I am happy to accommodate any special needs, as I am able to do so.

There is a bathroom and a water fountain available in the hallway to the left of the waiting area. There is also another restroom located in the hallway through the door on your right (from the waiting room). If you need to use the restroom while you wait, feel free to do so. Then, please return to the waiting area until I am able to come out and personally greet you for your session. 


This is the hallway to my office. It points back towards the parking lot, which you can see out the glass doors at the end of the hallway.  There are fluorescent lights in the hallways. There are windows on all the offices, however, many of these windows are covered so that the occupied offices have privacy. I may have white noise playing in the hallway or in my office. This helps to prevent individuals from hearing what is happening in the office.

This is the inside of my office. I usually do my paperwork and remote sessions from the desk in the back corner of the room. When clients are in the office for a session with me, I will sit in one of the two cream-colored fabric chairs in the picture to the right. My fluorescent lights have been covered by fabric with sky, clouds, and trees  on them and I have two standing incandescent lamps, if someone prefers to turn off the fluorescent lighting. I also have windows in my office that can bring in sunlight. The windows can be covered with sheer curtains, closed off completely, or visible during sessions.


To the left is my comfy couch for individuals and families to sit and relax on during sessions. The resources on the table are some of the tools I use to help clients learn and practice mindfulness, breathing, and other coping skills. I also have toys, blankets, fidgets, and stuffed animals in my office. They can be used to help clients feel more comfortable during therapy. If you prefer to bring your own comfort object, please do. 

One of the types of therapy that I use with kids and adults if called Sandtray Therapy. You can read more about it online and on this website. The small toy figurines that you see on my bookshelf are used during this type of therapy. You can see someone's Sandtray already setup for a session. This tool helps people express their thoughts and emotions and process experiences in a fun and new way. I also use this tool with EMDR to help clients overcome big, overwhelming events from their lives.


Sometimes, we will use art supplies in session. Expressive Art Therapy offers many wonderful resources and tools for the therapeutic process. There may be times when we'll be doing specific planned activities in therapy. Feel free to ask questions about those or any activities that we do during therapy. At other times, you can choose what you would like to do. You can always ask to use art, fidgets, the sandbox, etc. if they aren't already available. 

If you have special needs or more questions, please let me know or feel free to ask me when we talk online or in person. I enjoy making it easier for my clients to relax in my office, so I welcome feedback and ideas for this website and my practice.

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